Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Orange and Paisley New Look 6299.

I'm at a total loss with how to present my second version of Simplicity 6299 so here goes nothing....

Yep! I'm back to bad Photoshopping. Haha.

With the holiday season being around, being a retail manager, and winter in Chicago (though it hasn't been bad at all) it makes it nearly impossible to take photos of things I have made recently. So I resorted to taking photos against a blank wall and creating... this.

It's actually apparently a sketch of Chicago somewhere but I just liked the linework of it. I need to develop my perspective drawing skills.

Some of you may remember me posting this sketch deciding between 1 and 2 on my Instagram and clearly, I decided on version 1. It was a hard decision though! (And don't ask me why the sketch is more yellow versus orange, I can't figure it out either.)

One thing I've been failing to do is show photos of things on my dressform. I don't know why I don't do that, aside from the fact that I'm mad that when I had that dressform for less than a year it already broke. I have a way chintzier one that is actually still more together than this one and that's sad. I was super excited about this faux-professional form from The Shop Company, but it's really just a piece of crap. You win some and you lose some I guess?

The dress itself was ridiculously easy to construct, though in the process I realized that I have definitely fallen out of love with my previous go-to fabric is polyester poplin (which is the orange). You can see the poplin crinkling for no reason although it's been pressed to death and pre-washed.

 Here is the pattern packet again. This is the same pattern that I used for the Saint Pepsi Dress, only this time I made View D. I also cut the pattern in a size 10 versus a 12 in the Saint Pepsi Dress even though my body measurements are more like the 12. I suppose I prefer less ease?

 The neckline binding was something that I rarely do yet did it for this one because that's how it called for finishing. I'm so used to using a 2" wide facing from my years of schooling that it's hard to unlearn the habit of just making/using a facing.

Overall, a cute simple, quick-to-make dress from fabric that's been hanging around! And using a pattern I already had. Why not?! 

I do need to remind myself to NOT use woven fabrics in the future (or far less). I am more than proficient when it comes to sewing with knits, but like I said before with the facings... hard habit to break. That, and looking around online lately I can't find much of any medium weight knits with a good print. I have been drawing more lately and I definitely have been playing with more prints (some examples on my Instagram @manicpop) but I really don't want to have to buy all my fabric from Spoonflower as that will surely get costly WAY fast. 

My other go-to is but I'm either being over-picky or just lacking vision on my next projects. I'm sure it's a temporary feeling. 

Until next time....!

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