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Showing posts from October 24, 2013

Thrifting with Sally Ann from!

So me and Sally and her friend Michelle all went thrifting the other day at my favorite thrift store in Chicago! Sally was visiting from Florida and hanging out with her was pretty awesome since we've lived in the same part of Michigan long ago. I even worked with her younger sister at my high school job! Sally is a designer as well, so be sure to check out her blog and her Etsy shop to see the amazing bags she's made -  I have a rainbow one from her and it's seriously my new favorite.

Sally was also nice enough to put me into a blog postthe other day of hers so I thought I would show you what I found that day while out with her. It was like a day in the life of me in 2007! I lived in Uptown for 4 years before moving on the far northwest end.

 All the awesome stuff I found, but we do have to talk about it because OF COURSE I'll be cutting up and re-imagining things!

 Ok, the light in the sewing room is really yellow. Tried to color correct in Photoshop but looks like …