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Octobre Blouse and Time Warp Self-Nostalgia

Ah, October! One of my favorite months of the year! 

 This is a top I finished about 2 weeks ago and I hadn't gotten around to taking photos, took my time uploading photos. I'm slowing down a bit with blog posting since I'm mostly doing experiments in the sewing room on things, not working on a full collection like the 5-piece dress collection I did over the summer.  And I'm not sorry for lack of posting. See an awesome post by So, Zo about apologizing for not blogging.
 This blouse is using the same pattern I made for my Mod Faces top - I just added a peter pan collar.
Pumpkin discus anyone?
This shirt is made entirely of leftover fabric. I had a friend who was moving and giving away some fabric and the "Octobre" fabric was in there with a bunch of other fabric she was done with.
 The words on the print are two-way,  I just ended up cutting so much of the front appears upside down but it really isn't.

 I also did a bias tape-ish lace on the inside in …