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Petra Dress: Completed

I've been crazy-busy lately... 
So here's the Petra dress! 3 of 5 dress designs from my line sheet.

I'm actually really surprised with how quickly I can make sewing patterns now. On average, I've gotten it to 3 hours max with any sewing pattern I need to make. Pretty good!
You also might notice that this one fits me much better than the Tower Midi. I was a little disappointed and thought that I had made the Tower Midi patterns wrong but I checked my pattern blocks to notice that the torso blocks I had been using were one size too big! I don't get it. We always used a standard sewing size 8 in school and that's exactly what all my blocks are marked. I've been finding minor mistakes with the blocks now and have been editing them as I go along. 
And if this dress looks familiar... 
It's because it's almost an exact knockoff of a 60s Pierre Cardin dress. I followed more of an armhole princess style versus making the style a little more straight from th…