Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tower Midi - Completed!

Well, apparently I'm on a roll lately!

Let me introduce to you the Tower Midi!

 Ok, so this one is actually a Manic Pop size medium (35" bust, 27" waist, 36" hips) but it was close enough to my measurements (I'm technically 33", 25", 34") so I tried it on anyway!

 The neckline is actually taken from a garment I made back in college:
This was a contour top project in college (circa 2005?)  but it ended up waaayyy too short. Just an old gem though - haha.

Back to the Tower Midi:
You can see that it fits my dressform a bit better than on me.

 I still love how the lace bits turned out. If it were for me, then I would definitely take it in through the top a bit, but she's going up on Etsy too!

Making the sewing patterns went by pretty quickly as did making the dress. I estimate all together it was about 12 hours including pattern making. I used my torso block for this one which actually seems to be a bit bigger than my other pattern blocks. Not really sure why.

Also, the lace is tea-dyed. I had just enough for this dress and now the fabric store is sold out of this lace. It's the same lace I used on the collar of the Judy Dress.

Beatrix had to get in on the photo. You can also see Percy's tail there. 

Love it. Love the colors, how it turned out, everything! Another Manic Pop original. <3>

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  1. I love the lace you've used. Its like icicles!


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