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Showing posts from July 14, 2013

Carnival & Cardin

Today I'll be working on patterns mostly, so nothing exciting for at least a week or so (I'm assuming anyway).... so I have something from the vault!

This mini collection was sketched out in 2009. Nothing was ever made from this, it was just an exercise in putting a collection down.  This is a good almost 3 years before Manic Pop came into being, but you can still see elements of Manic Pop in these sketches.

I rarely color my flats with color pencil,  but this it what happened with these! They look pretty nice.

Inspiration board. I did tons of collage work in high school so I'm a pro at grouping things together in fun ways. This is all done in Photoshop with many found images.

Flat sketches.

Also, while surfing images of "Pierre Cardin 60s" last night, I accidentally found my new fall coat! I must make this. 

Soooooooooo amazing! Not sure if I'll do the belt, but I might make a tie version. I'll be putting in the welt pockets too. When I actually do pay …