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Tower Midi - Completed!

Well, apparently I'm on a roll lately!

Let me introduce to you the Tower Midi!

 Ok, so this one is actually a Manic Pop size medium (35" bust, 27" waist, 36" hips) but it was close enough to my measurements (I'm technically 33", 25", 34") so I tried it on anyway!

 The neckline is actually taken from a garment I made back in college:
This was a contour top project in college (circa 2005?)  but it ended up waaayyy too short. Just an old gem though - haha.

Back to the Tower Midi:
You can see that it fits my dressform a bit better than on me.
 I still love how the lace bits turned out. If it were for me, then I would definitely take it in through the top a bit, but she's going up on Etsy too!

Making the sewing patterns went by pretty quickly as did making the dress. I estimate all together it was about 12 hours including pattern making. I used my torso block for this one which actually seems to be a bit bigger than my other pattern blocks. Not r…