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Creating a Cohesive Brand Identity for Fashion Design

Sometimes people ask me things....

Things like, "Why do you use the same colors all the time?" (technically, I don't but people see a common palette.) "Why do you do lots of stripes in your designs?", and "How do you decide what to design next?"

You notice that many well-known fashion designer's work is instantly recognizable (even if you're not particularly a fan): Donna Karan - famous for her wrap dress,  Missoni  - zigzag stripes, and Tommy Hilfiger - red, white, and blue, as examples.

Well, in this post, I'm going to talk about my personal design philosophy/branding here at Manic Pop, and how you can develop your own cohesive identity for your work too!

Playing Off a Theme/Inspiration: For Manic Pop - Stripes! Myth: You don't need to "do it all" - focus on what makes your clothing, YOU and work from that.  The stripes element comes from 2 places for me: one is my mod rainbow rings pictured above. I've had the middle …