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Part 1: The Many Faces of Nicole, A 9-Year Retrospective in Chicago, IL

July 2013 marks my 9-year anniversary of living in Chicago. My mom sent me off to college in July 2004 and didn't let me have the summer off. In retrospect, moving to the city was a great choice and I definitely wanted to get the hell out of Michigan, remembering much of my life in Connecticut.

 So, should I save this post for a 10-year anniversary? Maybe. But who is to say I'll still be living here by next year? That's always been my thought process since 2007 but oh what the hell. Chicago has a way of sucking you back in.

Anyone who lives here will tell you that the summers are incomparable to anywhere else, and the reason we all endure the long, harsh winters. There are block parties every weekend during the summer (usually more than one), festivals, food, and fun.

I've been lucky to be a part of this crazy city for the past 9 years and have met some amazingly talented musicians who have had worldwide success, as well as artists I've been able to hang around an…