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Showing posts from June 25, 2013

Sewing Progress: The Sweetheart Dress

Before I get my sewing day started today, I wanted to update with progress on some designs I'm working on. I'm actually almost done with my first run of the Sweetheart Dress which from here on out, will be only in other prints as I only had about 3 yards of this vintage print. This design will be available on Etsy in September but with another fun print I have not yet found.

Currently, only the front is pinned to the dressform just to check. The waistline will be more gathered once I get the elastic in it. This is an original design by me. I completed the patterns in about 3 hours on Sunday, cut the fabric, and went into sewing it all on the same day. That's technically a lot of work, but I work fast now!

 The side here needs additional pressing, but you get the idea. I went ahead and used the orange/yellow with the pink combo instead of using only pink like everyone was directing me about a month or so ago. I LOVE it. No regrets about it!

 So I haven't dyed my hair …