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Upcoming Projects: A Current Look in my (Digital) Sketchbook

Time for another installment of What's in my Sketchbook! 
Note: I draw my flats by hand, Micron them so my scanner scans them efficiently, then I color/add patterns in Photoshop. I really *technically* should use Illustrator for flats, but... forget it.
 This design has been in my head for some time now. Remember that beautiful psychedelic print I found at a boutique that was going out of business? This is the right dress for it! Only now, I must decide on a colorway with the stripes part. What do you think? I'm partial to the orange/lime version but that's just because I like loud things.

Coming soon!

Also, while I was on the train to NYC and flipping through my InStyle magazine, I found a dress that I loved by Chloe in their fall collection. However, can I really afford that dress? I didn't even hunt down a price on it, but it's fantastic. (See dress on right.)

Then I found this other version of it online -

 So this is the best part about being a fashion designer…