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Design Complete: The Judy Dress

It's finished, it's finished! 
 And it's the most beautiful thing I have made so far! 

Max's mom gave me this fabric for Christmas along with the little yellow buttons. I struggled for a bit what to do with it. I wanted to do this amazing vintage fabric justice so it took me nearly 4 months to decide on a design, but I finally did!

The pattern work was relatively easy and I actually made all my patterns perfectly, including a placket with facing which I don't ever recall doing before. If I have, it was in college and I don't remember much from college.

I did have a bit to overcome with sewing on this one though - sewing a placket (which wasn't too hard but I had difficulties getting it to line up perfectly), and putting in near-perfect buttonholes which I had to rip out about 4 times. Note that I only had 4 buttonholes to create!

Sewing the side seams was fun however and happened in all one fell swoop. Putting a lining into a dress is easy when you know …