Tuesday, April 23, 2013

McCall's Sewing Catalogs from 1968

So Max's mom found for me some McCall's pattern catalogs from the late 60s. She knows I collect them and I was nearly hyperventilating over the fashions in these things.

There are a couple from this catalog that I am planning on plain knocking off, but I didn't include those because they were sort of background photos. Here are some of the best ones! From 2 McCall's catalogs: Spring 1968 and Summer 1968 and you could buy them for 60 cents apiece.

I wanted to share the most interesting photos.

It's true - I am obsessed with orange.

Dress silhouette look familiar? See previous blog post!

I actually almost thought this chick was me... in my shorter hair days of course.

 At this point in time, there was apparently a switch over in pattern sizing in the fashion/sewing industry. This catalog had had a big announcement about it. By these measurements, I am a size 12. Keep in mind sewing sizes are usually not equivalent to sizes of things you buy at the mall. There is also a sneaky thing that retailers do called "vanity sizing" nowadays, look that up if you're not familiar. Many manufacturers differ in sizing due to little to no sizing regulations in the United States. I heard that in the UK it was regulated, but I have no supporting evidence of that.

Ah yes, the clothing of my dreams come true with fashion design! Also, I like how this address is a Chicago address!

Dirndl skirts.

This print is fantastic.
A cute sewing machine ad.

Notice how it's a "Mao collar" at this time, not "Mandarin collar" as seen now.

Totally in love with this print on her dress!

A "romantic" look. Not really my cup of tea, but I wanted to include something different.
Look closely - this dress is a 3-armhole wrap around!

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