Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trashy Clothes: An Outfit Post


 So you may ask... "Why is this outfit 'trashy'? " Welp... 

I got the cardigan out of a trash can

Yes, for real! And yes, I washed it. See, what happens in Wicker Park is that people generally go there to sell all their old clothes. There are at least 2 resale shops on the street and people of course lug all their stuff there hoping to make big bucks (trust me, you never do.) Those places are also super-picky and hardly take anything and lots of people give up and toss their items into a nearby trashcan which is exactly what happened with this.

I have no shame! I picked through the items that were sitting in the trashcan, in a reusable bag. It was a busy Saturday so yes, people looked at me like I was nuts but that happens every day anyway. Nothing new! Haha. 

 I also found a couple of things that a coworker liked as well as a skirt for me. 4 items total, completely free. Why not?

 I'm still going with this pseudo-Technicolor-ish thing happening on my photos. It seems contrary to add noise on a photo that was taken with a nice SLR but hey, it's my blog and you can't stop me!

 I'm excited that this room is finally in-season again. This is the "mod guest room" that is across the way from the sewing room upstairs. Someone could live up there really but we just have some extra space. It's probably one of my favorite rooms.

Ta daaaa!

I know, I know - I'm taking forever sewing that dress I'm making. I had issues with my buttonholer the other night where I had to rip out about 3 buttonholes (no one wants crooked button holes!) and so tonight should be finishing the collar, side seams, and hem.

I also want to take photos of it out in the Chicago Botanic Garden, but it looks like the weather is not cooperating with me here and won't be for a few weeks. Argh! Until then... wish me luck on the last round of sewing on that thing!

See sneak peek photos of the dress on my Instagram account @uniko509.

Turquoise t-shirt - Thrifted
Belt - Thrifted
Favorite orange skirt - Brooklyn Industries
Tights - I don't even remember
Shoes - Vans

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