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Manic Pop Namesake & the Music that Goes with It

I don't think I ever formally explained Manic Pop's namesake here on the blog. 
I suppose it's not absolutely necessary but it's also interesting background/lore.

Way back when Pandora was relatively new back in 2005/06 I plugged in my favorite band, Sloan and got a whole slew of bands with great music that I had never heard before and I was someone who was quite used to digging for the "gems".

I fell in love with a song called "It's a Good Thing" by That Petrol Emotion, on an album titled Manic Pop Thrill.

That album became so elusive to me. I had been wanting it, wanting it, but any time I came across it on Amazon it was $30. Granted, it was an import and yes, imports can be expensive but I just didn't have the money.

I'd discuss the name with my boyfriend at the time about exactly what a "manic pop thrill" meant. We arrived at the interpretation that when you hear an awesome new song that you completely and instantly fall…