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Trashy Clothes: An Outfit Post

So you may ask... "Why is this outfit 'trashy'? " Welp... 
I got the cardigan out of a trash can
Yes, for real! And yes, I washed it. See, what happens in Wicker Park is that people generally go there to sell all their old clothes. There are at least 2 resale shops on the street and people of course lug all their stuff there hoping to make big bucks (trust me, you never do.) Those places are also super-picky and hardly take anything and lots of people give up and toss their items into a nearby trashcan which is exactly what happened with this.
I have no shame! I picked through the items that were sitting in the trashcan, in a reusable bag. It was a busy Saturday so yes, people looked at me like I was nuts but that happens every day anyway. Nothing new! Haha. 

 I also found a couple of things that a coworker liked as well as a skirt for me. 4 items total, completely free. Why not?

 I'm still going with this pseudo-Technicolor-ish thing happening on my photos.…