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Showing posts from April 12, 2013

Miss Mod

I spent some time trying to make these photos look like they could have been Technicolor-ish and I think I got the effect I wanted.

It's been a moment since I've done an outfit post.
I haven't gotten a chance to show off this amazing scarf I found at Wicker Park boutique that is closing, Caza. Formerly Lenny & Me (which was a fantastic vintage shop) owners are closing due to rent being raised. This scarf couldn't be more me. It has hand pockets too!

I also found these over-sized orange-ish flower earrings at what I call a "little junk store" for a dollar over on Milwaukee Ave. I didn't need them, but I can't resist plastic jewelry. And a dollar?! Yes please.

 I'd take more photos outside, but it still hasn't been all that nice out in the Midwest yet, topping out at about 47 degrees today. Not normal this time of year. Plus, I have a fabulously retro house, so why not stay inside?

 This outfit is a variation on one I wore to work someti…