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Outfit Post: Acupuncture Day

Just a quick update/hello: Ok, so I extra styled this out for photos but I looked in the mirror and thought it looked pretty cute considering I was about to head out to my acupuncture appointment today.

I think most people must wear yoga pants or something but I don't own any (perhaps should?) so this skirt is my go-to since you're supposed to wear loose clothing.

This t-shirt is super-old (about 6-7 years) but I am still obsessed with this print. It's probably my favorite t-shirt ever and likely one of the last things I bought from Urban Outfitters... for $7 mind you!

 I'm not sure how many readers know, but at one point I suffered from nearly debilitating panic attacks/extreme bouts of anxiety, and of course seasonal depression. I'm talking like, a panic attack a week for about 6 months in the end of 2010, early 2011. It got so bad at one point that I was nearly agoraphobic - too scared to leave the house - for fear something "bad" might happen to me …