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Hello, Firmoo! Nice to See You.

Should I buy glasses online?

A blog post concerning ordering glasses online VS brick-and-mortar. (Read further for details on how YOU can get a FREE pair of Firmoo eyeglasses from being a reader of this blog! No joke!) 

I've been wearing glasses for a very long time - I'm a veteran of eyewear, if you must. And I am somewhat of a glasses snob - a title which I wear proudly. I'm a fashion designer, so I must have unique frames too!

In 5th grade, my grandmother noticed I couldn't read the time on the microwave even though it was about 10 feet away, I asked her what time it was while I was doing my homework. She promptly told me I "needed" my "eyes checked" and off I went a week later where sure enough I was near-sighted and I got my 1st pair of glasses: a pair that can be referred to as the (legendary music producer) "Steve Albini glasses". It was 1996 and I was 10 years old.

By 12 (and somewhat scarred by fashion eyewear choices of the tim…