Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Week Design: Mod Acid Dress

So this is the fastest I have EVER made a dress - from concept to creation - EVER! 

January 27th, my friend Zoe "liked" a photo on my Facebook page - it was an old 45 cover to the Beatles' "Hello Goodbye/I Am the Walrus" single and BOOM this dress came into my head. Perhaps I also had been looking at too many Pierre Cardin designs from the 60s as well.

See up there in the corner?

I do this sort of thing all the time - get an idea from something completely unexpected. I've always liked that little swirly part. Never did I ever expect it to turn into this dress!

Cliche, I know... but fun. 

Photo from my Instagram of me putting together all the seaming on the top. Also of note: I think my dressform has broader shoulders than I do. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to make my dressform less broad!

I used stretch knit for the first time since... maybe college? I can't remember. I typically use polyester non-stretch fabrics but this dress begged for stretch. I actually wish the navy blue of the dress was a little more stretchy/spandex-y but it was a learning experience. Go stretchier! 

I even added on this cute ribbon around the zipper I found at the fabric store Wednesday. This is a pretty fantastic idea if you're not so awesome at zippers like me - it hides lots of minor flaws! The only reason I did a zipper in the back was because otherwise the head hole was running the risk of being too small.

 I spent most of Thursday making the dress and only had to sew the sleeves and hems on Saturday night. It was finished last night! 

 So there you have it! A crazy little mod dress designed and created in only one week. I had no idea that was possible!

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