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Mix n Match Dress - Peter Pan collar version

Here it is! The 2nd iteration of my Mix n Match dress, yet again from all recycled fabrics. Mainly, these were just pieces of fabric that I had chilling in my fabric closet. Now that I think about it, I think the dark blue is from a jacket from computer patternmaking (the hem still needs to be done, 5 years later.) The red grid fabric is from... who knows where. I definitely didn't buy it, but it's cute! 

 The back is actually sewn flat/well but given that there is zero stretch in this fabric... it's not super-close to the body. I'm totally fine with it.

Here's the thing: much of the vintage fashion I see/wear/own etc. doesn't fit like today's clothing. Why would you expect it to? Like I mentioned before, things will not "fit like a glove" or super-close to the body unless they are tailored that way. This dress has so few seam lines that it's not going to fit like a fabric with 50% stretch. It's not jersey knit, it's a woven!

I suppo…