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Showing posts from July 26, 2012

A $5 Unusual Dress

So the other day I was so mad about my shoes breaking I set out to find more shoes. While at The Ark, browsing around at their shoes, I spotted this dress just hanging there on a rack just waiting for me. 
It was $5 so I didn't even try it on and seeing as how it was jersey knit with a tie in the back, I knew it would be fine. The result? A kind of weirdo dress, but I couldn't resist since the sleeves are so amazing!
I like the way this old necklace from H&M plays off of the stripes on the sleeves. I don't wear this necklace nearly as much as I should. 

 Funny thing about these shoes: I had a pair almost identical to these early this summer by Steve Madden and I destroyed them within 3 months of wearing them. I found these at Sears of all places - a last-ditch attempt on my quest for shoes. I seriously didn't expect to find ANYTHING there but I found 2 pairs!

There you have it - my crazy, striped-sleeve thrifted dress! 
Thrifted dress by some brand named Double Z…

DIY Fabric Stamps

So a few weeks ago I made patterns for a dress I was going to dye with a few Rit dyes (a garment dye, which is dyeing the garment AFTER it's made versus dyeing the fabric before making the item.) The dress was going to be watercolor-like hues, but on the bus one day, I got an idea for a print that does not yet exist ... or would be super-hard to find.

Solution? Make your own fabric stamps!

Prior to that, I had read a post on The Pineneedle Collective, Annika's blog about DIY stamps and decided it was time to play with some again.

I had made some stamps in high school using an eraser and then again in college in my surface design class. The stamp I made in college had almost a plaid-like effect when stamped.

I first drew out my design in my sketchbook - 2 different sizes of clouds and then some wavy lines for underneath the clouds and a layering effect. Then I transferred it onto a sheet of foam for the stamp part. (A sheet of foam is around 89 cents at most craft stores.) The…