Thursday, July 12, 2012

Stars Above Us

I ran out of time during the day to take photos during the day... so why not at night? I have a space shirt on anyway, right? What better way to take photos than underneath the stars? 

I finally fixed these earrings after a few years of disrepair and they're getting a lot of wear. They were originally for a "mod costume" in maybe... 2006? I forget. They were cheapie earrings from now-defunct Jive Monkey over on Clark St. near Belmont in Chicago. 

 Thrift store loot! The store I go to out here always has a jackpot of goodies. 
Password game, Probe game from 1964 (looks like a fun word game), a ladies tie in a psychedelic pattern, and a roomy vintage shirt I could potentially use as a cover-up at the beach. Grand total: $13. 

I had to buy the Password game set even though I already own a copy (both from 1962) because I feel like I am one of very few in my generation who looooves that game show. Me and Brian found it 2 years ago and used to stay up until 2:30am to watch the show on GSN until they stopped running it. No worries, I snatched up the DVDs later on. Haha. 

More thirft store loot! This was $5. Good thing, because the inside light doesn't work. Not even the replacement bulb. I thought it would be a super-cool night light sort of thing, but it looks like I'm gonna have to figure out some sort of fix. Oh well. 

 Max got this spooky Victorian/haunted house thing from the thrift store too!

Brian made out like a bandit (literally) when Max found a giant bag of Magic:The Gathering playing cards. Initially we thought there was nothing worthwhile in it, but Brian saw a card in there worth over $100 and discovered even more rare cards in there. Pretty crazy. 

And last but not least, me and Max ended up playing with my mom's old Spirograph from 1967. (She was 10.) We're only missing one very small wheel to it and of course the original pens are gone, but we were able to find pens that work with it. I haven't seen any of these in toy stores at all in recent years and that's saddening because even as adults, we just had about 2 hours of fun with this.

Fun day!

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