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Showing posts from July 24, 2012

To The Birds

A quick outfit post - I've been pretty behind on posts, projects, etc. Summer is pretty busy and there have been back to back street festivals at work each weekend so my schedule has been flip-flopped a bit and I'm now almost a week straight into work. Yikes! Such is life.

Max bought this little romper for me when we were in Fruitport over Memorial Day Weekend. I had to get a souvenir from the mall while we were there and I found this at Charlotte Russe of all places. Not sure what it is about that location, but I have the best luck there even versus the Chicago locations.

I'm pretty sick of all the "put a bird on it" references though I do love Portlandia, but this is definitely a bird print. It's been so hot out (100 degrees here and there) so I've kept my look pretty simple this summer.

 I was playing with a fabric backdrop here, but the space I could hang it isn't tall enough to let me stand straight (and I'm 5'1" on a good day!) Ne…