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Showing posts from July 12, 2012

Stars Above Us

I ran out of time during the day to take photos during the day... so why not at night? I have a space shirt on anyway, right? What better way to take photos than underneath the stars? 

I finally fixed these earrings after a few years of disrepair and they're getting a lot of wear. They were originally for a "mod costume" in maybe... 2006? I forget. They were cheapie earrings from now-defunct Jive Monkey over on Clark St. near Belmont in Chicago. 

 Thrift store loot! The store I go to out here always has a jackpot of goodies.  Password game, Probe game from 1964 (looks like a fun word game), a ladies tie in a psychedelic pattern, and a roomy vintage shirt I could potentially use as a cover-up at the beach. Grand total: $13. 
I had to buy the Password game set even though I already own a copy (both from 1962) because I feel like I am one of very few in my generation who looooves that game show. Me and Brian found it 2 years ago and used to stay up until 2:30am to watch …