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More Recent Holga Photos

Some more Holga photos!

This roll actually had much earlier photographs on it (some dating back to March when we had those freak 85 degree days) up until Memorial Day weekend where I finished the roll.

Halfway through this roll, I noticed I had somehow had my camera on the bulb setting which is good for long exposure night shots with a tripod but not good for much else. As a result, many of the photos came out pretty blurry. However... a lot of them are salvageable for a hazy, blurry feel some with nice hues. 8 out of 12 shots isn't too bad.


Same day as this blog post. 

 Oak Park, IL 

 Shadows at Berghoff Restaurant downtown. 

 I love the hues in this one. 

 P.J. Hoffmaster State Park, Norton Shores, MI


Oak Park green line?