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Showing posts from April 25, 2012

Colorful Creature

Lots of times getting dressed in the morning lately, I keep wanting a really bright cardigan. Nothing super-special, but here it is

An orange cardigan! 

I never seem to get my shoes in any of the photos. When I originally bought these, I wasn't quite sure how to wear them. (Duh, with ANYTHING!) They're a fun oxford shoe/saddle shoe combo. 
The blue-green (but mostly green) hair continues. I re-saturated it the other day and the pigment is much better now. I think maybe I should wait with this dye after bleaching. That seemed to help for me. 
Detail of my favorite scarf. Waves or clouds? I like to think it's clouds, but I think it's waves. I have totally destroyed it last time I put it in the washing machine. Whoops. 
Yes, I still need to finish that insane dress behind me. Sooooo close!  My goal is to finish and wear it over my week off... which is happening right now. 
 Heading out! (With my Victrola pin.) 

Cardigan - H&M Tank top - Thrifted Jeans - Forever21 Sc…