Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer in the City

It's 81 degrees today in Chicago. I don't know how that makes me feel about how warm it will be this summer as it's only March and we usually see a day like this starting in May, but I guess I'll take it and not complain.

This made it slightly difficult to select an outfit since I have so many amazing polyester dresses from the 60s/70s but I decided to play it safe and wear a polyester short sleeve and my favorite orange skirt. I've had this skirt for probably more than 2 years now and it's held up beautifully.

I'm meeting my aunt who is in from Connecticut at an Italian place downtown later. Should be nice to see her, especially in my city! 

I'm also excited that I get to wear these platform wedges I found at Famous Footwear back in January. They were super on-sale and I always need new shoes as I destroy pairs in about 3 months. Didn't think I would be able to wear them this early on though!

 Back of the shirt. I have a mustard-colored top underneath. I thought this shirt was so cool when I spotted it at the thrift store a few years back. Only recently am I wearing it much more often. It has to be from the early 70s. Brian also bought me the awesome primary color belt from our favorite thrift store when we were first seeing each other.

My grandmother's mushroom necklace makes an appearance again. One of my go-to necklaces. 

Still drinking hot tea. I'm a huge fan of Harney & Sons' Mango Black tea and drink it almost every morning. I do think it would be amazing iced though - just haven't gotten out my Iced Tea maker out yet.

Also, I'm really excited that Sergio Mendes will be at Ravinia this year in Highland Park! Totally planning on attending that. How many times do you really get to see Sergio Mendes, especially outdoors?

Patterned, open back top: Thrifted
Mustard layered top: Thrifted 
Belt: Thrifted
Skirt: BKLYN
Shoes: Franco Sarto from Famous Footwear

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