Sunday, July 8, 2018

Butterick B6554 Wrap Dress

I'm on a roll lately.

I'm just gonna keep cranking out new pieces and buying new fabric because that is what my life is currently all about!

I finished Butterick's B6554 recently and finally got around to taking photos today.

This is my 1st mobile post because my laptop's fan recently died and I would prefer not to overheat my computer while the other replacement fan is being shipped! 😆😆

We decided that today we needed to take photos in our soon-to-be-new city of Grand Rapids, Michigan! More details forthcoming but we are really excited for a change of scenery and a new life.

 We goofed off quite a bit in these photos as you can see. The backdrop is downtown Grand Rapids on the iconic blue bridge.

For this dress, I used about 5 yards of fabric from (my go-to!) of Kaffe Fassett's "Lake Blooms" fabric. Fitting that it would be called "lake blooms" since now I am on the opposite side of the lake from Chicago.

The colors of the fabric are gorgeous! 

 So Patrick's mom is in the background here yelling "fritos!" instead of "cheese". Interesting choice, but it works I guess?!

 I just love how this dress came out!

I'm glad I ended up having to choose another fabric since my original choice was not enough yardage. It was just one of those happy accidents.

Carlos from Vogue Patterns posted a "Sew the Look" on this dress. I was inspired so I went and bought the pattern! Screencap below.

Overall, this dress was such an easy sew! I made the top a size 10 and graded the waist into a 12, but I probably could have done a straight 10 as it is a wrap dress. 

Now I want to make the 2 other versions of this pattern! There is a strappy tank version as well as a shorter wrap look. 

And here we are all on the bridge together!

I've really been taking some time this summer to relax, regroup, and get ready for the next adventure and phase in my life. It's been more than time to do this and it's been really cool to sew and be creative for a bit while in transition to a new life.

Hope everyone else is having a nice summer too!

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