Wednesday, June 27, 2018

New Look 6514 -- Quick Duster jacket

Finally got out to take some photos of this long duster-top thing!

 This one happens to be New Look 6514 which I have had in my stash for a minute. Making this was all actually a happy accident!

Originally, I bought this Art Gallery fabric named Carnaby for a Butterick Dress "sew the look" that Carlos from Vogue Patterns posted. I have been needing some sewing/design projects to keep me occupied lately since we are moving permanently to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.

I don't know how/why I spaced on the fabric yardage but the Butterick dress needed 5 yards and there was only 4 left in this print! I pulled New Look 6514 out of my stash and it only needed around 4 yards! Yay!

Above, I ended up buying 5 yards of a Kaffe Fassett "Lake Blooms" fabric (left) for the "sew the look" Butterick dress. I actually am most of the way done with the Butterick dress too! 

(See below for the post by Carlos.)

Lately, I feel like my looks runs from "cool badass" to "boho beauty" and so much less vintage/retro than before, but that's just fashion if you ask me. I also am super-into black lipstick though I don't wear it out as much as I should. Some people have signature red? My signature lately has been black lipstick!

This top/duster was super-easy to make. The hardest thing about it may have been ironing my 4 yards of fabric (haha) and this sewed up very quickly.

I made no adjustments to View B in a size Small on the pattern. I actually wanted to make the longer version but when I measured, I noticed  that this was the perfect length for 5 foot me!


Michigan has been fun lately. There is SO MUCH more to do here than there used to be. They are really building up areas like downtown Muskegon (food trucks, Taste of Muskegon, cool cocktail bar with live jazz or blues, farmers markets, indie shopping, outdoor concerts, etc.)  Not to mention that there is a ton of nature-related things to do here like hiking, kayaking, exploring, or outdoor museums like historic White Pine Village. 

I have missed walking around and feeling relatively safe. Chicago just got too nuts for me and all of the violence and rudeness. (Yup, ruder than NYC!) People in Michigan are SUPER nice and Grand Rapids is a huge art city. I think we will really settle in here nicely.

My long-time post as a manager of clothing store Brooklyn Industries in Chicago closed the end of March so me and Patrick decided that now was the perfect time to pick up, move, and change our lives for the better! It had been almost 15 years of Chicago for me (minus that brief 8 months back in Michigan) so it was long overdue being time for a change.

I weirdly feel more free to be myself out here in Grand Rapids than in a big city like Chicago.

Another random note: I stopped dyeing my hair maybe 4 months ago with the exception of a little Touch of Sun spray here and there, so this is mostly back to my natural red color. I'm surprised to see it like this after soooo many years of dye. It's been really hard to get back to it but I am more there now than ever! 

 Until next time!

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