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Playing with Fabric Prints - Late 2016

Thought I would throw in my fabric repeat designs this week. These are ones I was playing with in the late months of 2016. Lately, I have been doing other fashion-related things instead of actively sewing, but I am sure I will get back to sewing.

Here is the 2nd iteration of a repeat I liked that I made. The wavy part was hand-drawn with Prismacolor markers and then imported to Photoshop where I created the repeat.

The 1st round of this print went something like this though, which I decided was way too "all over the place".

Another entirely different one I was playing with was this one, although I still may have to play with color choices on it. 
I don't know which one I actually like better now that I look at it. I think I like the colorway of the mustard/red/blue one the most, but the red should be in a different spot.

I could see myself eventually making these available via Spoonflower someday, but I want to go and rework the 2nd one here the most. 
This is what tha…