Thursday, January 19, 2017

In-Depth 3D Roomstyler - Chelsea Studio Apartment

Alright, so many of you may know that I have been LOVING playing with a free program online called 3D Roomstyler.

In it, you can design your own rooms, add whatever kind of furniture, fixtures, and anything else you cam think of to "design" a home, a room, an exterior.

Well, I finally made one based off of a real apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC!

What I did was find floorplans and from there, I drew the walls in 3D Roomstyler the best I could. It's really surreal to see an actual place that exists and you walking around in it in 3D Roomstyler!

Here is my own render of the living room. Now keep in mind, I took a lot of creative liberties; I also don't know much about home design, so I am just a random person playing around in a program.

This is the layout that I went by, found online here:

And here is a screenshot of my layout below.

My rendering (above) of the kitchen. Instead of brick like in the actual apartment, I chose a wallpaper.

The one below is low-res, but I couldn't get the brick wall to render correctly for some reason on here. So low-res screenshot it is!

My render (below) of looking from the living room, towards the bathroom. 

Boring hallway shot (below) but I wanted to take a photo from that angle so you could get an idea of the entrance.

And a very, very small bathroom that was hard to get a proper photo of! Rendering below by me. 

Super cool, right?!

Here are photos from the website that I just did screen grabs of, in case the listing disappears someday. Any of the radiators in 3D Roomstyler were mostly too big, so I just didn't put them in there. But you get the idea of how it's all laid out.

It's crazy to be able to do a model of an apartment you have never been in, nor ever plan on being in!

Looks like it's still up for rent if anyone wants it.

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