Monday, March 21, 2016

Lipstick and Lyrics with SPRADA in 2016

It's weird to do blog posts with mostly phone photos at this point, but this is how I documented my most recent collaboration with SPRADA. I made the finale look for her show with a show that runs every year called Lipstick and Lyrics. 

And here she is...!

And here we both are! (Sorry dudes, had to use flash.)

This isn't to say that getting to this point was easy, however. I basically made this dress twice due to the type of fabric I was using; a super-stretchy, super-silky 4-way stretch knit. And while I have worked with stretch knit prior and know the basic tips and tricks with them, I would almost say this was my biggest challenge yet. 

Thankfully, I learned quite a few things (as I always do!) Let's talk about behind the design a little!

First, me and Spencer met up to look at old looks we collaborated on when we did our webseries together in 2011 where I was the wardrobe designer. 

More looks from 2011.

Our inspiration was this color-blocky dress that I had pinned up on my bulletin board in my sewing room. I don't even know who designed this anymore and it's been years since I ripped it out of a fashion magazine. I've always liked this casual jersey-knit color blocking and assumed I would eventually make something reminiscent of this.

So after deciding that this was the inspiration, I went and found fabric. Of course, I had to find something glitzy, shiny, and stretchy. 

We never ended up using the sheer star fabric, but I think I might use it somewhere. 

Next, I gave SPRADA a few options and for you guys out there, I let you guess which look we were going with on Instagram.

 And after a few false starts, and 2 muslin fittings, the dress came to life. (Keep in mind my dressform is my size and SPRADA is 6 ft 6 in heels, so that accounts for the over-size look on my dressform.)

 The pink color block at the bottom wasn't original to the design and neither was the tulle in the back, but during fittings and trials, we kept adding. Because... why not?

In this project, I learned how to cut tulle easily (roll it, then cut it. Seriously.) I also had to remember/relearn inset curves (sew, clip, sew), and that you CAN put a back zip in a slinky knit. SPRADA requested a back zip due to wig/makeup concerns during outfit changes during the show.

All I did was stabilize it with black fusible tricot interfacing and install the zip. I was pretty impressed with the outcome!

I also learned NOT to interface the neckline band for a stretch knit. This makes sense and I don't know what I was thinking when I did that (since I've done neckline bands non-interfaced prior), but.... yeah. Don't do it.

This dress legitimately fought me all the way through! And I have the pink glitter ALL OVER my sewing room (and apartment) to prove it.

In the end, it was fun to see another design come to life and put out into the world, not worn by me.

It was nice to see people say they loved SPRADA's dress right in front of both of us, them not knowing I designed it.

And it was nice to have Patrick finally see one of my accomplishments in person, rather than watching it unfold in my Facebook feed like he did for a period of about 8 years. 

 Patrick and SPRADA.

Bonus: We also got reposted by the fabric store, Textile Discount Outlet in Pilsen! 

 This post also somehow got the attention of celebrity hair stylist, Ted Gibson on Instagram because he liked it. Who would have known?!

Thanks again, SPRADA for collaborating with me! 

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