Thursday, February 11, 2016

Project Updates - Turban, More SPRADA Looks, and Fun with Stretch Knits

Hey everyone!

I haven't posted in a long time, and that's because I've been extremely creatively busy!

Holiday was hectic at my store (but still tons of fun since it's a store rooted firmly in arts and crafts) and directly after that finished up, I had an order for a custom color knit turban hat, like the one I made last year!

Knit turban hat made last year in 2015.
I have started writing monthly on a blog based out of West Michigan called The Art Shake. In March, I have a post lined up about my construction method for this type of turban hat as well as a suggestion about how to go about knitting the hat itself. Should be fun!

For now, you can go ahead and read my first post on the Art Shake all about how to start to delve into the world of fashion design/creation. I post the 3rd Tuesday of every month and will be talking about fashion design techniques, principles, sewing, sketching, or even some fun fashion-related resources. It's pretty awesome and I'm excited to be a permanent writer on their blog.

I am also currently in the process of designing and sewing a new outfit for legendary drag queen, SPRADA here for a show in Chicago coming up at the end of February! One of these looks we are working on bringing to life!

Me and SPRADA worked on a webseries back in 2011 where I designed all of her outfits as she starred in an original series. You can still view all those videos here. One of my favorites in the series is when we designed a dress out of garbage bags for her to wear! (Episode #5.)

I also was able to make a dress for her later on in 2011 not related to the webseries but for yet another show. Photo below.

You can see more of what the 3D tetrahedrons look like on the shoulders in my blog post from 2011 on here!

I also need to do a proper blog post for a skirt I made and finished for myself 6 weeks ago (yikes!) I am starting to work mostly with stretch knits now but of course, there is a learning curve with all of it. This skirt turned out amazingly well, but I'll talk more about it on my actual blog post about it when it happens.

Wish me luck on finishing SPRADA's dress! Working with silky stretch knits can be daunting, but it's a challenge I think my expert-self can handle.

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