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Victrola Romper with Simplicity 6959

I actually finished this last piece almost 3 weeks ago before I went to visit Chicago for a bit (yes, in the winter - cold doesn't bother you after 10 years of living there!)

I was lucky enough to find a few vintage patterns at a local thrift store with miraculously all the pieces! I feel like that never happens.

I'm still going on my odd-Photoshop kick though this one is more just a color-palette background. I kinda like the way they all look so much better now. This pattern is Simplicity 6959 from 1975.

So in these photos.... I was sort of going for a retro-ad feel. I think it works!

Here's the scan of the pattern packet. 
I toyed with the idea of making this romper in a combo (reeeeally bad Photoshop but it gets the idea across), and eventually went with all-over print since why not? I have the fabric already!

I'm pleased to show off that the fabric I used is one of my own designs, printed off on Spoonflower! It's my hand-drawn Victrola repeat that I designed u…