Thursday, February 26, 2015

Victrola Romper with Simplicity 6959

I actually finished this last piece almost 3 weeks ago before I went to visit Chicago for a bit (yes, in the winter - cold doesn't bother you after 10 years of living there!)

I was lucky enough to find a few vintage patterns at a local thrift store with miraculously all the pieces! I feel like that never happens.

I'm still going on my odd-Photoshop kick though this one is more just a color-palette background. I kinda like the way they all look so much better now. This pattern is Simplicity 6959 from 1975.

So in these photos.... I was sort of going for a retro-ad feel. I think it works!

Here's the scan of the pattern packet. 

I toyed with the idea of making this romper in a combo (reeeeally bad Photoshop but it gets the idea across), and eventually went with all-over print since why not? I have the fabric already!

I'm pleased to show off that the fabric I used is one of my own designs, printed off on Spoonflower! It's my hand-drawn Victrola repeat that I designed using Photoshop and a few skills I learned long, long ago in design school. (Haha.)

I usually joke that I "never learned anything in design school" or that it "never got me anywhere" but that's actually far from the truth. It's helped me in all my retail management positions and as a bonus, I have a fantastic side project. I currently love being able to be a creative weirdo and not have to make things. I'm just being an artist, really. That's all I ever wanted to do with my life for the most part, and I am living it. 

I was also excited to see that this fabric print I designed somehow made a Featured 100 list on Spoonflower. 

This doesn't actually seem like an easy feat seeing as how thousands of people upload their designs to Spoonflower on a daily basis. I was quite shocked, actually!

Otherwise, this pattern sews up pretty quickly. I somehow got tripped up on the collar/facing combo because I design mine differently and the directions weren't super-clear. I also had to hand-baste the zipper near the top closed while applying the zip due to the weird facing, but hey.

If anyone wants to buy this fabric design for themselves to use on a garment, it is available on my Spoonflower account! I'll be working on some more print designs in the near-future since I'm having a ton of fun with it! 

Here's an 8" x 11" swatch of the fabric design once again!


  1. This has turned out so cute and fun! And I really find your fun photoshopped outfit photos inspiring! They make me want to do some fun things with my photos more often too :) And I really still seriously love this print.

    1. Tanith, I'd love to see you do your version of a crazy Photoshop! I used to do lots of wacky collages - both digital and paper - so I'm revisiting that creative skill. Haha.

  2. Cute! I love the fabric you designed. Very cool. I'll have to save up for a skirt's worth.

    1. Thanks Bobbi! Be sure to link me to it when /if you buy some and finish something with it!

    2. Thanks Bobbi! Be sure to link me to it when /if you buy some and finish something with it!


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