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Better Homes and Gardens 1975 Interior Decorating

So last weekend I had the chance to head out to Chicago for a bit.... and it truly was visiting home. I know I'm on a creative sabbatical right now which is a luxury in and of itself but I can't wait to go home to the city I lived in for a decade.

While there I couldn't pass up a book that was at Shangri-La Vintage in Roscoe Village. It's one of my personal favorite vintage boutiques in Chicago and it stocks some of my favorite things like retro interior decorating books and a fairly large corner of vintage fabric. (Of course I would like the fabric!)

So that got me thinking about my (fictional) new place once I head back...My old house was super-retro and I'm sure an apartment will look similar for me.

Enjoy some photos from a 1975 home decorating book I found for inspiration! 

Dream living room. 
 But I'll take this too.
Or this! 
 You know eventually I need to make one of these as a couch cover, right? 
The red/yellow/pink was actually a part of my old bat…