Thursday, October 22, 2015

Lady of the Great Lake -- A Prismatic Design

Quick blog post here --

Wanted to "drop off" another one of my creative projects I've been working on. A few years ago in 2010, I got really into these designs I called "prismatic designs" inspired by weirdly enough, a coloring book by Peter Von Thenen .

I think it's funny that adult coloring books have become "all the rage" now because I've kept that Von Thenen book mostly untouched (except the ones I did when I was from around age 11-15) in my arsenal of inspirational books. Fearing no one would ever make anything remotely like it ever again, I started drawing up some of my own to color -- my absolute favorite one to date of mine which I call "The Elk".

I've recently taken to doing "mini" ones at the moment since they're arguably less time-consuming and they are, well... cuter. My latest one I drew up is only 6" by 11" (where my old ones were 11" by 14".)

So, without further ado, here she is! 

Like the rest of mine, this is watercolor pencil on bristol board, inked with Micron pen.

Currently, my process with these is doodle a bunch and wrack up a bunch of shapes I like, then draw out a "skeleton" of where I want your eyes to be drawn to. This particular skeleton had a bunch of triangle shapes. Here you can see my in-progress photo from Instagram (sorry, phone quality photo time) my overlapping of simple shapes and then deciding placement based on those shapes.

Overall, I really like how this little one turned out. I hope to do some more again soon as they're fun, relatively easy, and lots of fun to color as well. I like that this one somehow reminded me of the fountain outside of the Art Institute, which is completely unintentional. I really enjoy the gardens there and occasionally will find myself outside of the fountain called "Fountain of the Great Lakes". So I guess she is my lady!

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