Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Space Dress Redux

So I had this dress I like to call "The Space Dress" hanging around in my closet upstairs and I thought, "Why don't I ever wear that thing?" Then I realized it was the sleeves. So I took them off!

I made this dress sometime back in 2012 and apparently a few things have changed about my body since I last wore it. I can't even believe 2012 is 3 years ago. Observe how the exact same dress fit me back then.

I always have my measurements saved in my pattern making book somwhere and around then, the measured at 33" but in 2015.... I have gained nearly 2 inches on my hips! Thus, less movement and more....bunchiness. Whoops.

My bust size has also increased an inch and my waist is only about a 1/2" bigger so... yeah. I guess I have a more womanly body at almost 30 years old now. Either that, or it's a combo of winter weight as well as living in Michigan and driving all the time. Or maybe I've had time to relax and actually not be stressed out. When I'm stressed, I tend to not eat so it could be any combination of those factors.

Let's talk about why the sleeves were a no-go (aside from the fact that typically I have a larger upper arm and I have to edit my patterns anyhow....

Nothing wrong with this side.

But then THIS. 
The reason why this would happen is that I would have sewn the sleeves together the same way, thus resulting in two right sleeves.

This isn't what happened. I do remember a few years ago, I opened up the sleeves, sewed them the opposite way (by flipping it the other way) and it STILL ended up like this. I took photos in the dress anyway and thought it looked cute and it didn't feel weird wearing it, but I never did.

Either way, I remedied the situation by taking off the sleeves.

I like that you fix one thing, and another problem arises. Typical life! But I do love my apparently new hips, even if it means this dress doesn't quite fit the same as it used to. 

And the "cool in the 90s" pose. 

I have another dress that I finished recently which you may have seen me working on if you follow me in Instagram.... it's a true piece of art.

After I take and post photos of that, I may disappear for a few weeks due to me carting myself back to Chicago just in time for my birthday!

Life got weird in 2014 and I'm glad I took a time out. I hadn't even taken any large chunk of time off since... junior year of high school. FOR REAL!

My mom didn't let me take summer off after senior year of high school and I went straight to college July 2004 in Chicago. From then, I was thrust into heavy-coursework 11-week classes, usually 4 at a time, and at one point I worked 2 jobs while in college. No one could afford either my rent or to cart me back and forth every year between school). I completed a BFA in 3 years versus the typical 4. As soon as I graduated, I found a full time job after a month. From then, I transitioned into my long-term retail management job for almost 6 years (ok, I had paid vacation there) until January 2014 where I lost my first job ever and was suddenly with absolutely nothing to do for the first time in.... 11 years. So, I guess I had it all coming to me. Some people have financial help from parents or a partner, but I am proud to say that I carved my own way and didn't have either of that type of support from anyone. I had essentially 50-50 roommate deals with live-in boyfriends but no one funded my life that entire time I was in Chicago. That was all me!

And yeah, I am proud of myself. Lots of people are out there screwing off in their 20s or minimally employed. I did it the opposite way for a year - the end of my 20s was a break and a chance for redirection.

I earned the right for a long break in 2014 and it really only made me stronger. Before all of that, I used to act like the world was falling apart over really stupid stuff. And now I realize it wasn't anything to really worry about. Things generally work out. Maybe not how you wanted them to, but they work out.

I learned that Michigan wasn't for me (no matter how hard I tried) and I'd rather go back to a city where I can find a job, where I am actually paid what I'm worth, and I get to do the type of work I like and live a decent life. I don't know how to be an adult in any other place but Chicago (or a big city at least.)

But sometimes you don't know what you want or need until you try it out. I have absolutely no regrets trying it all out in Michigan, but I definitely do not prefer living here. Long vacations? Hell yes. Life? Nope. Not even GR. Sorry.

So let that be a lesson that even though life might throw a detour at you, learn from it and enjoy your experience. You never know what you might find along the way.

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