Friday, January 23, 2015

Populaire Inspiration

If you know me at all, you know I am pretty late to lots of popular culture things nowadays. That wasn't always the case, but I hate to just jump on things if everyone else is freaking out about something.

This is especially true for films. I suppose I'm just not necessarily a film-type girl most of the time but with knitting a bit more, I have a little more attention to spend on watching something in the background. (I totally cannot sew and watch! I've tried and mostly I just get involved with my sewing more than watching.)

I also don't find many movies that are visually inspiring to me - though the other day, finding this movie was a pleasant surprise.

Has anyone seen this movie? I haven't even heard of it, though I guess I also don't pay attention either.

I found it quite visually appealing and really loved not only lots of the fashion in here, but the art direction such as the opening credits.

I absolutely love the combo of a matte red, blue, green, and yellow and it's no surprise that I love this photo and will probably have to set off to imitate this soon:

Though I tend to be more of a 60s girl, I found myself totally drawn to a particular dress in the movie with an interesting neckline that I also might have to figure out a way of duplicating somewhere on some garment just for fun.

And this is such a well-composed image:

See it if you get a chance! It's on Netflix right now.


  1. The film really does look like a visual delight, I shall keep an eye out for it!

  2. Yes! I stumbled upon this film a few months ago and oh my goodness - LOVE at first sight!

  3. It looks like it has some gorgeous outfits! And I think that neckline would definitely still look the part in a more 60s dress.

  4. I loved this movie! Such beautiful costumes and cinematography!


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