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Showing posts from July 13, 2014

Creatively Busy at Manic Pop

Lots going in the Manic Pop-world!

It's only been about 2 weeks now but so far I've made the Scallop Neckline dress (photos soon and will be available for custom ordering), made a very special garment for one of my favorite bloggers which will be seen soon, as well as working on a custom order of a different kind.

Sneak peeks of everything going on for now are available on the ManicPop Instagram feed (@manicpop) but right now we are busy, busy, busy!

The video filmed about Manic Pop 2 weeks ago should be up soon - but for now, check out some more of the fantastic work by Carlos Martinez and the other people he has filmed already for this project.

Be back soon with more fun things!