Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Scallop Flutter Dress and.... BAGS!

I'm back! I can hardly keep up with all the cool things going on at the moment!

But first, I want to introduce you to a lovely new custom dress available in the shop NOW! 

 Oh yes, and I chopped off my hair since the last time I appeared on the blog. I'm typically a short-hair girl so I have no idea how it got so long. 

Let's take a closer look at this dress! 

Another scalloped beauty! This print was amazing and I had to have it for Manic Pop. Print availability is limited! So order quickly if you love this print. (Yes, I can make it in your size!) 

 I love the way the yoke came out. I integrated sleeves into the yoke by doing a drop-shoulder so they look like tiny cap sleeves but have the ease and movement of a sleeveless dress. 

If you've been following the Instagram at all lately, you'll see how I made a super-cute owl bag (the first ever Manic Pop bag!) and lots of you out there loved it. 

This bag is essentially a tablet bag - it's 9" by 11" with a 2" depth and will fit an Ipad and smaller into it. Or, it's a great day bag for when you need your wallet/keys/phone and a sketchbook, pencils, or a standard size notebook. 

Here is Jacob loving his new bag!

I'm kind of in love with the shape of this bag, so I went ahead and made an arrow one with leftover fabric. (Had more than I thought I would!) 

It was really fun (and easy!) to play with some piping as well as play more with the applique function on my machine which I've oddly never done before. There was a slight learning curve as my thread tension was wonky at first, but we worked it out. 

Stop on by the Etsy store! Lots more retro-handmade goodies in the works coming up! 

Which style would you like to see of past Manic Pop dresses in the shop? Fun print shirt-dresses? Colorwheel skirts? How about the Tanith Arrow Dress in other colors?

Until next time!


  1. Gorgeous! The dress is fabulous and what great photos with the car. The bags are very cool too.

    I know that when (if!) I get back to a normal shape and size I will get an Arrow dress!


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