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Manic Pop is Going Mobile! Boutique, That Is.

Here's the deal: I know I mentioned a hiatus from Manic Pop for a bit, but Manic Pop will NOT let me quit for some reason.

Instead of fighting it, I am going with it.

Super-excited to announce that I am going full time with Manic Pop here on out but with a much-expanded product line of many crafty retro things such as my original handmade garments, totes, accessories. Stay tuned for all the product I have lined up!

Currently, here is what is happening: 

-In the middle of securing another van for the Manic Pop mobile boutique - follow the Twitter page @manicpopbus to see where we are! Currently building up inventory for the next few months but will be gearing up for a "Midwest Tour" in 2015.

 (Ok, I only wish this could be the bus, but I'll create something as cool as I can.... plus dependable.)

-Videographer is doing a profile on me and my design work with Manic Pop in the studio!

-Also was just given the domain name ever so kindly by Michael Alan Perry, …