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Current Music 5/1

It's been a while since I've done a music post - mostly because I rarely find things I absolutely love anymore.

Recently I came across a band called The Resonars - though it seems I'm a little late in finding them (how about 7 years too late?) Either way, their music is fantastic. I'm a huge fan of finding music that sounds like it's from another era, and the Resonars sound like they could fit right amongst classics like The Byrds or The Kinks.

This song is absolutely killer:

That Resonars song actually sort of reminds me of this older song.... which is written by a former member of The Cowsills.

More Resonars: This one actually reminds me of the bittersweet end of a relationship, something I wasn't prepared for.

Another retro/psych-ish song I've been obsessed with - this band is really blowing up:

And an older find, but still a great representation of newer psych stuff:

I'll be back with a new dress soon from a Burda pattern, but going through some tou…