Thursday, May 1, 2014

Current Music 5/1

It's been a while since I've done a music post - mostly because I rarely find things I absolutely love anymore.

Recently I came across a band called The Resonars - though it seems I'm a little late in finding them (how about 7 years too late?) Either way, their music is fantastic. I'm a huge fan of finding music that sounds like it's from another era, and the Resonars sound like they could fit right amongst classics like The Byrds or The Kinks.

This song is absolutely killer:

That Resonars song actually sort of reminds me of this older song.... which is written by a former member of The Cowsills.

More Resonars: This one actually reminds me of the bittersweet end of a relationship, something I wasn't prepared for.

Another retro/psych-ish song I've been obsessed with - this band is really blowing up:

And an older find, but still a great representation of newer psych stuff:

I'll be back with a new dress soon from a Burda pattern, but going through some tough stuff recently. A near and dear friendship of 10 plus years completely unraveled on me through absolutely no fault of my own. I was temporarily trapped in a really bad Lifetime movie for the past 4-5 months and it finally blew up last week as I was led to believe many things that weren't true in the least bit.

I won't go into details, but it's one of the worst things I have ever been through. However, time will heal all and I am really glad that I got out of the situation when I did. I feel like I narrowly escaped a horrific plane crash. There were a few good moments, but it was mostly very confusing, hurtful, and heartbreaking.

One thing is for sure: Don't ever let someone ruin the music you love. If you love a piece of music, hold onto that. Own it. It doesn't matter if that person had a part in making it at all. You can still love it separately from the person who created it - that music has a life of its own.

Over time, the memories you had with that piece of music will fade into new ones. Play the shit out of it! Everything truly does happen for a reason, even if that reason isn't clear yet. 

I'll also be participating in Me Made May '14 this year, so be on the lookout for some of those posts! I pledged to wear 3 handmade items a week - planning on some I haven't worn in a long, long while mostly to see what's up with 'em.

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  1. Nice music choices. I think I like the first song the best.

    It sucks that things have been crazy for you lately, and I do hope you move on and heal well.

    As always, I'm looking forward to seeing your new dress and the fun of Me Made May too. I love the idea, but have so few things I have made! I guess I could just try to wear my hats more often!


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