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Guest Post: Where 1973 Goes For Groceries

First of the guest posts happening here while I am working diligently on the PDF. (It's coming along pretty well, thanks!)

I want to kindly introduce you to a great and long-time friend of mine, Dave, who is slated to become a semi-regular contributor to Manic Pop! It's always been my vision to have a lot more music features on here; especially anything 60s/70s or anything that has those stylistic elements. As a musician and former drummer of Detroit band, The Singles, Dave knows more than a thing or two about great music. Initially we bonded over our mutual love for Canadian band, Sloan. Over the past 10 years he has led me to some of my now-favorite music - Saint Etienne, Belle and Sebastian, and Bobby Emmett to name a few.

We also share an appreciation for things stuck in time, such as this grocery store which was found not too long ago.

Enjoy his first post!


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