Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prismatic Dress! New for Custom Ordering.

Finally, my Prismatic Dress is done! 

This one is available for custom sizing and ordering in the Etsy shop for $125. This sample size 2 that I'm trying on is available immediately!

It will comfortably fit a bust size 33"-34", waist size 26" and up to 36" hips due to the full skirt. More sizing details on the Etsy page.

This dress came about because I wanted to incorporate more of my prismatic design work that I've been doing more of again lately into fashion design. So I thought, why not cut out some shapes and make a design on a dress? Each piece was hand-drawn by me and then carefully cut out and arranged.

I decided I wanted a more frayed look around the edges so that it wouldn't be so in-your-face contrast-y. I wanted a more textured look. I am very familiar with how appliques are normally sewn on - set stitch length to 0 and use a very close zig-zag stitch. Not the look I was going for.

You also could perhaps interface the back of all of the pieces to get a cleaner edge on cut pieces, but I haven't tried it.

Detail of bodice. 

Did I mention this dress has inside side seam pockets?!

Now, I also did some clever dart work to hide them. I didn't want the darts to interfere with the bodice at all, so I made center front darts buy shifting them, making a cut out dart. You can see it a little  better on the yellow inside lining piece here.

Cool, right? This might be my favorite design ever!

When ordering, you can choose up to 5 different colors- 1dress color, 4 colors for bodice shapes, one which will be the hem color.

I'll still be posting/making samples for custom orders but like I've been saying...PDF time! I'm also going to have some guest posts going on in the near-future so don't really expect to hear from me until I am getting the pattern out to testers!

Since independent designing is now my full-time job, you can expect the pattern to get out to testers by mid-March! By contrast, the original pattern-tester date was June-ish. If all goes well, we could see the PDF out fully by June! How exciting!

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