Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Burda's Retro Jumper Dress

So I wanted to post a Burda jumper-dress I finished the other day.

I am definitely doing to need go back in and pull in the bodice a bit! So frustrating. I don't know why I insist on using the poly-poplin for most things, but it crinkles easily and doesn't look.... professional. 

 The pattern I used for this jumper-dress was Burda's Retro Dress. I made it according to the 36 but should have used the bust from the 34 and the skirt from the 36. 

Technically my bust IS a 33" but apparently not in Burda sizing though I suppose that could be due to ease included.

Also, this jumper was supposed to be ALL mushroom print but I realized later on that I would need about 3 yards of printed material versus 2. BAH. 

I was impatient to sew, so I colorblocked as always. 

I did an inside lining for this but only on the top. Otherwise, I serged the edges like I usually do.

Inside pockets! 

What you will also notice is.... this fabric is my own design!

These are the little mushroom sketches I made in August one day, with nothing to do. I played with the arrangement in Photoshop using the "wrap around" feature on it and created my own repeat. I then had the fabric printed up via Spoonflower.com - I love it! 

I bought the most basic of the cotton and it's a nice weight. 

I'll eventually go back and pull in the bodice I think (or just try to gain some weight?) but I really should start taking my time on projects now and fitting as I go on my dressform. This is why I primarily make my own sewing patterns - because I know they will fit due to my pattern blocks!

And yes, I know.... make a muslin even with a purchased pattern but that takes longer than I would like it to.

So after making the mushroom pattern, I've been playing a bit more with print repeats. 

Here is one of some Victrolas and.... sound waves, I guess?

Originally I had thought that maybe I would color in the Victrolas but I actually like them all-white. I think it helps them not get lost in the crazy background.

I'm toying with the idea of making a mini print collection and making it available for purchase via Spoonflower too, but who knows.

This year has been particularly rough on me with little time to create. After all this, I feel like Manic Pop is just a really good outlet for me versus going-to-be a full-time business. I know I go back and forth a lot, but the truth is that I am not really super-motivated to make it my full time job and I feel most comfortable pulling in a paycheck weekly from a job that also I enjoy a bit. I'm all about security in life.

I'll always create under the Manic Pop name and items will always be available for custom order if need be. I still might put out some PDFs! But my heart is still telling me to just do this for fun more than anything. I like to be overly ambitious, but I have to reel myself back and ask what is realistic of myself.

Playing creatively is realistic.


  1. I understand your decision! Even though I don't regret making sewing my work, I sometimes miss the fun I had with it when there was no pressure. I hope things will settle down for you now!

    1. Me too, Lisa! I put far too much pressure on myself and it's time I tell myself STOP THE MADNESS! I'll always be creative and make lots of things. In fact, I may create more now that I'm not trying to work so hard on it all. If that even makes any sense.

  2. I like the colour-blocking and just having the mushroom print on the skirt. I think it has turned out to be a really nice combination!


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