Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Springy Skirt

Finished something new!
 I'm so over this crazy winter that's been going on here in Chicago, so I needed to make something bright or myself.

 This skirt was based on a photo I saw somewhere on the internet (that for some reason I can no longer find) but the original version was super-plain, dark purple and black/grey herringbone. Of course, I put my own crazy bright color spin on it.

I pulled in the bottom hem an inch on each seam (a total of 4 inches) for a slight bit more of a pencil look, but on me I think the skirt can be pulled in just a teeny bit more. I also made my own covered buttons using the yellow overhang material.

I'm really not sure how I feel about the back. I think in the next version of it, it might be a good idea to NOT have the overhang in the back. You might be able to see that it's a completely separate piece though I did tack it down where the buttons are as well as on the corners of the back piece. 

 I had to have this house print! I found it at Joann Fabrics in the quilting section. For some reason, I didn't look in their quilting fabrics for the longest time but there are in fact a bunch of really cute novelty prints. 

 This was also the first time I have done a kick pleat in the back of a skirt! It was surprisingly easy. I worked my way through it from a tutorial on Threads.

Overall, a pretty good skirt!I also shouldn't be wearing it with these tights for the fact that the cotton fabric clings soooo much to it!  There are as usual a few tweaks I would make on the skirt design in general, but that is common with any sample or first-run.

I will be listing this for custom ordering soon on Etsy!


  1. Cute style and fabrics! You create such fun and different things. It's awesome.

  2. It looks amazing! Love that fabric too.

  3. hey! this is very cool and creative! I always want to buy the quilting fabrics but their always too narrow and expensive!

  4. That house print is awesome! Very creative skirt, especially love the buttons :)


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