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Colorwheel Skirt and Size Adjustments

As if I really needed anything else in my life that was rainbow!
 But I digress. I've been doing some major stash-busting recently and thought up this quick project to get rid of multiple colors of fabric that have really little use anywhere else. I was inspired by my friend Anastasia Chatzka who is pretty much known for her usage of circle skirts but also wanted some way to make it.... ya know, more gaudy! Gaudy like me!
So I made an 8-panel gore circle skirt!
The top is something I thrifted about 2 years ago at this point with the intention of adding a collar to it but I really don't think it needs anything.  I dug that up going through my collection of scrap fabric - I had forgotten all about it! I simply couldn't pass up a print like this one even though it wasn't my size.  I did some adjusting to it and here is the very un-scientific way I did it:
 See how large it was? First I put it on my dressform which is about my size. (She has a slightly bigger waist, but…